Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility

842 West Church Road

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Phone: (717) 691-3320

For questions regarding your sewer service please contact the Sewer Department at  wastewater@mechanicsburgborough.org
For questions regarding your sewer bill please call the Borough Office (717) 691-3310.

Sewer in the Borough is billed (along with refuse) on a quarterly basis. Bills get mailed out on the 15th of January, April, July and October and are due by the 15th of February, May, August and November.

The base rate per quarter is $100.00 which covers up to 6,000 gallons used, for every 1,000 gallons over the initial 6,000 $6.00 is added onto the bill.

The Borough of Mechanicsburg bases its sewer billing off of meter readings received from Suez.

In 2009, the sale of 170,000 gallons per day of excess capacity in the Mechanicsburg Wastewater Treatment Plant to Silver Spring Township Authority was completed.  The purchase was funded by a coalition of developers including Traditions of America, who are developing an over-55 community just west of the Borough.  Traditions also paid to have over 2,000 feet of sewer main line in the Borough replaced, from the boundary line with Silver Spring Township to the Treatment Plant.  The $1.8 million generated by the sale of Borough’s excess sewage treatment capacity was earmarked for the rehabilitation of the Borough’s six pumping stations used to convey sewage to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  These facilities must be capable of continuous operation to prevent backups or overflows of sewage.  Installed in the 1970s, the pumping station equipment is at the end of its expected lifespan and parts for repairs are almost nonexistent.  By undertaking various capital improvements and replacements to the pumping stations, the Borough will ensure reliable and safe operation of the facilities for years to come.  This rehabilitation project will be undertaken by the end of 2010.

Originally constructed in 1949 as a trickling filter plant with anaerobic digestion, the Mechanicsburg Wastewater Treatment Plant has undergone several upgrades.  In 1968, adding more trickling filters, clarifiers, a grit collector, a secondary digester, and a methane burning heat exchanger increased capacity.  The most recent major expansion occurred in 1981, when advanced secondary treatment was achieved by the addition of aeration tanks for nitrification, and alum and polymer addition for phosphorus removal and to aid in settling.  That expansion also included construction of clarifiers, an office and laboratory building, a filter building with 2 belt presses, and sludge thickeners. A five-mile outfall sewer was constructed to discharge the effluent to the Conodoguinet Creek, since it was more economical than to provide the degree of treatment needed to continue to discharge into the small run beside the treatment plant.  In 1994, the gravity grit collector was replaced with an aerated grit removal system.  In 1998, the anaerobic digesters received a complete overhaul.  The fixed cover roof with mechanical mixers was replaced with a floating cover with methane gas mixers, and the heat exchanger, pumps and piping were all replaced with new equipment.  Another project was brought about by new limitations on Total Residual Chlorine in the 1995 NPDES Permit renewal.  The chlorine injection point was changed, and new flow meters and an automatic chlorinator were added. The results were excellent, with all discharge limits being met.  Additional benefits have been flow pacing of the final effluent sampler, totalization of the effluent for DEP DMR reporting purposes, and a one third reduction in chlorine use.  This job was especially satisfying since Treatment Plant staff did both the design and installation of the chlorine minimization project.

More recently, there have been several projects undertaken by the Borough that were designed to reduce the amount of infiltration of groundwater into the sewer system.  Excess groundwater raises the cost of treatment and uses capacity in the lines and treatment facilities.  In 2007, a $72,000 bid was accepted for sliplining 900 feet of 18″ main line interceptor sewer through Memorial Park.  That project was completed in Spring of 2008.  Additionally, in the Summer of 2008, 2000 feet of old clay pipe main line sewer and 26 laterals was replaced with new PVC pipe along with several new manholes. Through an agreement with a developer in Silver Spring Township that was looking for treatment facilities for his new development, this $500,000 project was completed at no cost to the ratepayers of the Borough’s Sewer Department.

If you experience sewer problems call the treatment plant FIRST at (717) 691-3320. Personnel are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to determine the problem immediately and SAVE both the property owner and the Borough duplication of unnecessary expenses. Sump pumps are not allowed to be connected to the sanitary sewer system.

The Mechanicsburg Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 2.08 MGD advanced treatment facility located in the Borough of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County.  It provides sewage treatment services to the Borough and portions of four surrounding Townships: Hampden, Monroe, Silver Spring, and Upper Allen.  The facility, its six pumping stations, and 25 miles of sewer is owned by the Borough.

The Treatment Plant is staffed 365 days a year, and is run by 8 employees of the Borough, with 4 of those employees possessing Class B or higher Operators Certificates, and 1 more possessing Collection System Certificates.  Through intermunicipal agreement, those same employees operate and maintain the portion of Monroe Township’s collection system and pumping station tributary to the Borough’s treatment facility.

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