Mechanicsburg Volunteer Fire Department Information:

The Borough of Mechanicsburg is an independent local government with an elected Mayor and Borough Council. An appointed Borough Manager, who acts as the Chief Administrative Officer, handles daily administrative responsibilities.

Gary Neff, as the appointed Borough Fire Chief, serves as the Senior Fire Protection Officer. Chief Neff responds to fire alarms, other related emergency incidents, handles most matters concerning fire hazards and coordinates the emergency response/effectiveness of the volunteer fire company, The Mechanicsburg Volunteer Fire Company #29, within the Borough.

The Borough is approximately 2.5 square miles in area. Our population is between nine and ten thousand residents. We have over 160 fire hydrants within the Borough for our water supply. The Borough is made up of all types of buildings and construction, this mandates a large training effort to assure that the response is appropriate and effective. Fires within the Borough have the potential to be severe and can be expected to spread from the building of origin. If we are to limit the chance of major loss, our response must be prompt and our attack very aggressive, emergency scene coordination with surrounding mutual aid companies is critical.

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