The Mechanicsburg Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) was formed in February 2006 with the goal of improving our town’s conservation efforts and environment. Our interest is wide-spread – from watersheds, to air quality, to feet-friendly sidewalks.

While we work closely with the Mechanicsburg Borough Council, and take the lead from them in terms of projects on which we focus, we too are interested in hearing from you! After all, each of our seven members is a Borough resident just like you, and one of our top priorities is partnering with the community to improve the environmental quality of life in our town.

EAC Membership:

Chairman: Keith Thomas (2022)
Vice Chairwoman: Heidi Biggs (2023)
Member: Harry Baker – Planning Commission liaison (2024)
Member: Mark Grosz (2022)
Member: Dallas Agerton (2023)
Member: Andrea Lentz (2024)
Member: vacancy (2022)

The EAC meets in Council Chambers in the Borough Office at 36 W. Allen Street at 6:30 PM on the second Thursday of every month. Our meetings are open to the public, and we reserve approximately 15 minutes at each meeting for open comments from residents.

We welcome your attendance at any of our meetings to hear what we’re planning or to share your ideas. If you wish to discuss a topic(s) that require greater discussion, please fill out the form below to request to have your topic added to a future meeting agenda.

Environmental Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Environmental Advisory Council Current Meeting Agenda

The Environmental Advisory Council participated in the construction of the Mechanicsburg Borough Community Garden located in Memorial Park. Residents and non-residents can reserve a plot to use for the duration of the growing season each year. For information regarding the Community Garden, please send an email or see the below documents.

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